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Block Party Bag - $15.95     Now $10.00

Block Party Bag

What a great way to use up some pre-made blocks or maybe just make more. Your can make your bag with 10" blocks which will give you a bag 19" wide x 19" tall x 9 1/2" deep, or using 8" blocks your bag will measure 15" wide x 15" tall x 7 1/2" deep.

Casco Bay Canisters - $15.95     Now $10.00

Casco Bay Canisters

The instructions for these canisters include four sizes: Large 7 3/4" tall x 7 1/4" wide, Medium Large 6 1/4" tall x 6 1/2" wide, Medium 5" tall x 5 1/2" wide and Small 3 3/4" tall x 4 3/4" wide.

Fortune Cookie Bags - $15.95     Now $10.00

Fortune Cookie Bags

This pattern includes directions for two bags and two baskets. The Fortune Cookie Bag measures 10" x 7", Fortune Cookie Long Bag measures 16" x 6", the Fat Quarter Basket measures 11" x 6" x 5" and the Project Basket measures 12" x 8" x 4". These projects can be completed with just two fat quarters and a few 2 1/2" strips.

Aunties Sewing Basket - $15.95     Now $10.00

Aunties Sewing Basket

This sewing basket is a beautiful way to store all your hand-sewing needs. Wide enough for large scissors plus there are four inside pockets which will keep all your special tools sorted. Bali Pops and Jelly Rolls work really well for this project.

Anything Goes - $15.00     Now $10.00

Anything Goes

This large tote bag is perfect to take anywhere at anytime. Measuring 15" tall x 15" wide x 8" deep, its the perfect pattern for 2 1/2" strips.

Cats Eye Baskets - $15.95     Now $10.00

Cats Eye Baskets

These pointed oval baskets are shaped just like a Cats eye and included in the pattern is two size options. The large basket is 16" wide x 10" tall x 8" deep and the smaller basket is 12" wide x 7" tall x 6" deep.

Bali Briefcase - $15.95

Bali Briefcase

This great carry all measures 13" tall x 15" wide x 4" deep. It is made using 40 x 2 1/2" strips therefore Bali Pops and Jelly Rolls are perfect.

Thimballina Bag - $15.95

Thimballina Bag

This mini messanger bag with a 42" long shoulder strap, has two 5" square pockets on the inside for your mobile phone or iPod. Great for travel or anytime your want to carry just the basics. The completed bag measures 8" x 8".

Bow n Go Bag - $15.95

Bow n Go Bag

This beautiful shaped bag measures 14" wide x 10" tall x 8" deep. It can be made using a variety of 2 1/2" strips therefore Bali Pops and Jelly Rolls are perfect for projects like this one.

Old Port Carryall - $15.95

Old Port Carryall

This is a very practical bag with plenty of pockets. Make the bag from pre-quilted material, or quilt and fuse your own fabric for a bag that is just a little bit sturdier. The completed bag measures 15" wide x 13" tall x 5" deep.

Town and Shore Tote - $15.95

Town and Shore Tote

A simply classic tote bag with four interior pockets and unique figure eight knotted handles. At 13" wide x 10" high it is a perfect size for carrying all sorts of items. Bali Pops and Jelly Rolls work perfectly for this project.

Breezy Weave Bags - $19.95

Breezy Weave Bags

This pattern includes the instructions for two different sized bags. The large bag in 13"W x 9"H x 5"D and the smaller design is 9"W x 7"H x 5"D. This pattern is completed using 2 1/2" strips of fabric.

Bailey Island Hobo - $19.95

Bailey Island Hobo

This pattern includes the instructions for two different sized bags. The large bag in 16"W x 15"H x 6"D and the smaller design is 11"W x 9"H x 3"D. This pattern is a great way to use up 2 1/2" strips of wadding and fabrics.

Freeport Gatherer - $15.95

Freeport Gatherer

Great for gathering anything and everything, from the market or the garden, or simply for storing bits & pieces in. The pattern includes instructions for two sizes with the large being 16" wide x 16" high and the smaller design 13" wide x 9" high.

Soft Pockets - $15.95

Soft Pockets

Soft pockets are perfect for all sorts of things, mobile phones, electronic readers and even tablets in the larger design. The pattern includes instructions for three sizes. The large design is 13" x 9 1/2", the medium is 9 1/2" x 6" and the small design is 7 1/2" x 4 1/2".

BIG Sebago Bag - $15.95

BIG Sebago Bag

This really BIG bag is perfect for everything.... The completed size is 20" wide x 17" high x 8" deep.

Atlantic Tote - $15.95

Atlantic Tote

A great bag for the weekend away, a trip to the beach or a market bag. The completed bag measures 20" wide x 16" high & 8" deep.

Crossbody Bag - $15.95

Crossbody Bag

This pattern offers both the Crossbody Bag plus also a wallet. All completed using 2 1/2" strips the bag measures 11" wide x 8" tall and the wallet is 8" wide x 5" tall.

Diagonally Woven Baskets - $15.95

Diagonally Woven Baskets

You can fill these baskets with all sorts of things. Maybe chocolates, shells or even as a caddy to keep your sewing supplies. Using a variety of 2 1/2" strips these baskets measure 5" wide x 9" long x 6" tall.

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